Commissioning A Portrait


I look forward to working with you to create a piece of art that you will enjoy for years to come. Please contact me via email on with your requirements. 


I create portraits in a variety of mediums such as coloured pencil, pastels, and graphite.  I use only high quality art supplies with the best lightfastness ratings and only heavy weight acid-free papers with excellent archival qualities.




Upon my acceptance of your commission I will require payment of a 25% deposit with the balance due on completion. Deposits are non refundable except in the unfortunate case where I have to cancel your portrait, whereby I will refund your deposit in full.


The base price for my portraits is  $20 per linear inch regardless of the medium that we agree on. This price is based on portraits with one head and shoulders in the portrait. Additional people or animals in a portrait will increase the price. 


The sizes are based on drawing size, not paper size. Your portrait will be a good size within the paper area, with a good margin of paper around the edge to allow for framing. 


Standard postage and packaging is included for the USA. Framing is not included. 

To find the linear inches of a drawing measure the height and measure the width then add those two numbers together. For example, an 8” x 10” drawing is 8 inches wide and 10 inches long. 8 + 10 = 18. The drawing is 18 linear inches. Now, to find the price, multiply the linear inches by $20. 18 x $20 = $360. 


8”x10”…. 18 linear inches…. $360

10”x10”…. 20 linear inches…. $400

11”x14”…. 25 linear inches…. $500

16”x20”…. 36 linear inches…. $720

18”x24”…. 42 linear inches…. $840

24”x30”…. 54 linear inches…. $1080

24”x36”…. 60 linear inches…. $1200


These sizes and prices are a rough guide. Depending on the number of people or animals that you wish to have included in the portrait. Typically, I charge an additional 15% for each additional person or animal to be included in the portrait.  I would be happy to quote on other sizes, however I don't create smaller pieces due to the amount of detail in the portraits.

Please contact me for portraits that have more than one subject or if you require an unusual size.



I ask for good quality, clear photographs with high resolution. Digital is preferred but I'll be happy to work with hard copies.

My style is very detailed and based on realism, It is possible for me to work with poorer quality images if absolutely necessary, but please be aware that I won't be able to create highly detailed portraits from unclear photos. I will be very honest with you if I do not believe it will be possible for me to work with a photo you provide. 

Whenever  possible I prefer to take my own photographs, photo shoots are included if you are within a 20 mile radius of Munfordville, KY.  Outside of this area I'm very happy to come and take photos and charge travel expenses plus a day rate of $100 if travel time is 4 hours or more.

I will take many, many photos, and then we will work together to pick the best photo for your portrait. You are welcome to a copy of the digital files if you provide me with a thumb drive.



All the prices above include packaging & standard shipping within the USA. 

All portraits are carefully packaged to insure your portrait will reach you in perfect condition.



Contact me

Email me on if you'd like to have a chat about having a portrait of any of your favourite people or pets.